MGU rate book

You can download a copy of the rates, rules, and regulations (tariffs) for MGU operations. While the information here is materially the same, the official tariffs that are on file with the governing commission will hold over these documents in the event of a discrepancy.

Section A Last Issued
Title Page and Index 01/02/24
Table of Contents - Checklist 03/13/24
Territory Served 03/17/22
Technical Terms and Abbreviations 12/12/23
Standard Terms and Abbreviations for all Customers 01/02/08
Supplemental Utility Service Charges 01/14/09
Section B - Administrative Rules Index Last Issued
Technical Standards for Gas Service 12/12/23
Consumer Standards and Billing Practices 07/28/21
Cancelled and held for future use. 02/04/20
Additional Rules 02/10/21
Section C - Rules and Regulations Last Issued
Characteristics of Service 01/02/08
Controlled Service 01/14/09
Curtailment of Gas Service 12/12/23
Application of Rates 12/12/23
Customer Responsibilities 12/12/23
Customer Protections (Data Privacy Tariff) 07/29/21
Extreme Weather Conditions 08/29/18
Metering Customer Equipment and Billing 11/17/21
Gas Cost Recovery Clause 11/17/21
Refund Procedures 01/02/08
Customer Attachment Program 12/12/23
Section D - Rate Schedules Last Issued
General Terms and Conditions of the Tariff 12/17/20
Supplemental Charges 07/11/24
Gas Cost Recovery Factors 07/11/24
Residential Rate 12/12/23
Small General Service Rate 12/12/23
Medium General Service Rate 12/12/23
Large General Service Rate 12/12/23
Gas Lighting Rate 12/12/23
Residential Service - Gas Demand Response Program 11/17/21
Small Service - Gas Demand Response Program 11/17/21
Medium Service - Gas Demand Response Program 11/17/21
Large Service - Gas Demand Response Program 11/17/21
Section E - Gas Transportation Last Issued
Gas Transportation Service Rules 12/12/23
Records, Accounting and Control 12/12/23
Gas Quality 11/17/21
Service Requirements 01/14/10
Transportation Service and Rates 12/12/23
Section F - Customer Choice Last Issued
General Provisions 12/12/23
Customer Protections 11/17/21
Solicitation Requirements 11/17/21
Supplier Licensing and Code of Conduct 11/17/21
Procedures for Complaints Between Suppliers and the Company 09/17/14
Gas Customer Choice Service (Rate CC) 09/17/14
Section G - Standard Customer Form Last Issued
Standard Forms 01/02/08