How a rate review works

The rate review process takes time — about 18 months from developing the review to the time new energy rates take effect.

Rate review process

Rate review process
  1. Rate review preparation
    MGU analyzes budgets, sales and construction forecasts and develops the rate review.
  2. Filing
    MGU files rate review with the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC).
  3. Review
    The MPSC audits budget information from MGU, asks MGU to defend and update figures provided.
  4. Hearings
    The public has an opportunity to comment. Witnesses that support the figures in the rate review are available for cross examination in a court-like proceeding.
  5. Ruling
    The MPSC decides any outstanding matters and issues a written order on the rate request.
  6. Rates take effect
    New rates take effect for customers.