Replace older water heaters with ENERGY STAR models

ENERGY STAR® certified water heaters save energy and money with smart design enhancements that improve efficiency and performance. If your water heater is 10 or more years old, replace it with an ENERGY STAR certified model to start saving money right away.

Skill level: Advanced to professional
There's an ENERGY STAR certified water heater to fit every household's needs, from gas tankless heaters that heat water on demand, to solar water heating systems that even more energy and money.
Cost range: $250+
While an ENERGY STAR certified water heater may cost more initially than a standard model, the energy savings will continue over its lifetime.
Savings: Up to $300 annually
Choosing an ENERGY STAR certified gas storage water heater instead of a standard model can save about $30 a year. That's about a $360 savings over the 13-year lifetime of the water heater. Larger families can save even more money.