Get preseason tuneups

A yearly tuneup of your system improves its efficiency and life span, while keeping you and your family more comfortable. Keep your HVAC system running at peak performance by having a contractor perform annual preseason tuneups — checking your heating system in fall and cooling system in spring.

Skill level: Professional
Make it easy to remember by scheduling maintenance appointments around daylight saving time changes, when you check smoke detectors and perform other household maintenance tasks.
Cost range: About $100 + parts
Semi-annual maintenance is a relatively low-cost investment that makes your equipment last longer and saves energy. Call your local heating/cooling contractor for pricing, but expect each visit to run in the $100 range, not including any needed parts replacements.
Savings: Up to 10% in costs (includes cooling)
Besides shaving money off your energy bills by running your HVAC system at peak efficiency, having a contractor check gas or oil connections can help avoid unsafe conditions, like fire and health hazards. Following a regular maintenance schedule can reduce your annual HVAC costs by 5%-10% and prolong the life of your equipment.