Sewer line safety

At MGU safety is always a priority. We want customers to be aware of the possibility that an underground natural gas line could intersect sewer lines beneath the ground.

How does this occur?

In many areas "trenchless" technology is used to install natural gas lines beneath the ground. This method is chosen to prevent damage to landscaping, sidewalks and streets. Though every precaution is taken to avoid it, if sewer lines are located at the proper depth, there is a small chance that a natural gas line could intersect with a sewer line.

When and how are sewer lines checked?

We regularly inspect sewer lines for potential intersections throughout our service territory.

In 2024, inspections will be completed in the following areas:

  • Fruitport
  • Ferrysburg
  • Grand Haven Charter
  • Hillsdale
  • SE Spring Lake
  • NE Spring Lake
  • Spring Lake Village
  • South Sturgis

Much of the work can be done using sophisticated camera technology. However, it is possible that we may need access to your home or business to check the sewer line. If we're unable to check your line externally, we will contact you to gain access from inside your home or business.

What happens if damage is found?

If the inspection determines your sewer line was damaged during the installation of the natural gas pipes, all needed repairs will be made at no cost to you. Any disruption to landscaping, sidewalks or streets will also be repaired at no cost to you.

Call before you clear

Always call MGU at 800-401-6451 before you or anyone else attempts to clear a blocked sewer line.

We will send a service technician to determine whether any potential conflict exists between our natural gas lines and your sewer line.