Gas metering equipment

Gas Metering Equipment

MGU now installs gas meters at the time a new service line is installed. MGU turns natural gas service on through the meter to a closed "customer shutoff valve" downstream on the meter set. This process is performed without connecting to the customer fuel line.

At the time of installation, we also attach a tag at the "customer shutoff valve." The tag will notify the person that opens the valve that they are taking the responsibility to ensure that the gas fuel piping has been pressure tested, has no leaks and all openings are capped and plugged. The new meters allow the customer or authorized agent the ability to turn on the "customer shutoff valve" to flow gas to their appliances at their own convenience.

Please be advised that natural gas service will be turned on in the name of the service line applicant. For builders and contractors, if the party you are building for is to be responsible for the monthly bill at the time of service line installation, then that party will need to notify MGU of their intent to take responsibility.